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Everything Is Sacred

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Energy, Consciousness & Soul-Embodied Living

A Sanctuary for the Soul 

Are you longing for authentic, soul-aligned, heart-centered conversations? Whether you are a seasoned explorer or just beginning this transformative journey, I invite you to join me.

 Everything Is Sacred has been created to assist you on your sacred journey to remembering that you are your soul! I know from my healing process that this is not always clear or easy. Whether through monthly healing circles or other teachings and offerings, this is a place to expand your consciousness, raise your frequency, and connect with other beautiful, like-minded souls. And best of all, it's free!

My transformational Journey 

I was guided into a deep exploration of the soul’s journey after a mystical encounter with my father’s spirit, who’d struggled with Multiple Sclerosis in his physical life. My dad came through the voice of a medium and told me to look into Energy Healing, and because I wanted to keep my father's spirit alive and honor my dad, I decided to follow his guidance.  Sadly, I discovered that individuals with M.S. respond very well to energy healing, which made me very sad. However, from that moment on, I dove into the world of the soul. This included mystical teachings on energy and consciousness - including the afterlife - and how important it is for us to understand how this works for us as the soul.   

My focus is on helping individuals heal old patterns and stories that keep them from self-love and soul discovery. One of the most profound pieces of wisdom that revealed so much of the Mystical World to me—that I didn’t know until I encountered significant problems with my eyes—is that pain is a doorway to the Sacred.   So my approach to healing, allows me to connect deeply with the heart of your soul. 

As an Energy Codes and empowerment coach, Certified Intuitive Strategist, Ho'oponopono Practitioner, Reiki Master, and InterGalactic Healer (conduit/channel), my primary focus is on expanding your consciousness and energy, so that you can connect directly with your Higher Self and tap into the wisdom of your body.